SoyCraft community pet carrier bag dog cat
Some fabric patches’ embroidery lines may not match up and it is not considered a manufacturing flaw.

To reduce waste and protect Mother Earth, all good and clean fabric are utilised to craft the carriers. We hope the community will support us in our cause.

I have OCD and debated about this within myself. I want the embroidery lines to be be in sync as much as possible. But this would be mean cutting, throwing away a lot of good usable fabric.

Be assured that I make no compromise on product safety. This is one constant in all the brands and products I’ve created.

Whilst I try to balance my inner OCD, keep my seamstresses sane (with my requests), and do what’s right for Mother Earth - I hope the community who have taken a liking for the brand, will support our effort in reducing waste.

With your support, we find strength and motivation to continue crafting more functional + comfortable pet goods for y’all.

Soya's Mummy