Earth // Pet Carrier

$150.00 SGD $236.00 SGD

Initiative against material waste. Less than perfect, just as functional. Our Earth series feature our brand new pet carriers, with minor aesthetic flaws.

At a significant mark down, these carriers have: 
- imperfection on the materials
- imperfect paintwork on the hardware
- slightly flawed logo alignment

They may be aesthetically flawed, but just as functional. We hope the environment-conscious community who have taken a liking for the brand, will support our effort in reducing waste. With your support, we find strength and motivation to continue crafting more functional + comfortable pet goods for y’all.

**Optional clip-on cushion is sold separately

All sales items are final. No refund or exchange will be provided. Different carriers have different flaws. You may pick the carrier style and colour, but we are unable to pick a specific flaw for you. Carriers will be issued randomly. If you have certain requirements, we recommend you to purchase our regular price carriers.

No Exchange/ Return:

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