Pet Stroller / Bike Trailer - R8

$460.00 SGD

This stroller is perfect for large pets as well as senior pets that need a little extra support and care during their outings. The spacious design ensures your furry friend has plenty of room to relax, stretch, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors.

R8 stroller doubles up as a pet bike trailer. It comes with bike attachments, allowing you to secure R8 securely to a bicycle. R8 wheels are significantly bigger to accommodate to the moving speed of a bicycle, as compared to R6 wheels which are meant to be moved at walking/ jogging speed.

R8 is only available in black colour.

Holds up top 45kg (99lb) weight

Stroller care and cleaning guide here

*SoyCraft is the official Singapore sole distributor of BebeRoad strollers


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