Pet Stroller - T4

$250.00 SGD

Pre-Order estimated arrival: 18 June 2024

1-second quick folding pet stroller. Not a fan of detaching the stroller basket before stowing your stroller? You will love our latest T4 pet stroller. Enjoy the convenience of closing the entire stroller with just 1 button. 

☑️ Non-detachable basket
☑️ Rectangle basket frame
☑️ Quick 1-second folding pet stroller
☑️ Stroller basket opens and closes both ways
☑️ 2 built-in safety straps (with adjustable length)
☑️ Perfect for owners who do not wish to detach the stroller basket when stowing the stroller 

Colour available:

T4 max load:
Max load represents the weight limit of the stroller and does not indicate the recommended size of the pet inside the stroller. Always measure your pet’s body length to ensure that the stroller can accommodate your pet's size. Consider both the length and width of the stroller in addition to its weight limit.

Product weight:

*SoyCraft is the official Singapore sole distributor of BebeRoad strollers

T4 Colour:

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