Yona Y-Harness + Leash

$15.00 SGD $28.90 SGD

Simple yet functional and lightweight harness leash set. Fully adjustable at the neckline and girth for a comfortable fit. Built-in buckle at the leash handle, makes it easy for you to tether your pup to a stationary object (chair, wall mount). Adjustable leash length gives you flexibility, to offer your pup more runway at the park while still connected to you.

Pro-tip: Walking 2 pups? Buckle one leash to the other leash to connect 2 leashes together for easy control. This way, you only need to hold onto 1 leash. 

- 1 step-in style Y harness
- 1 adjustable leash 
- 1 complimentary matching hair tie

Available in 2 colours:
- Raspberry
- Blueberry

XS harness: chest 24-37cm, strap width 1cm (34g weight)
S harness: chest 35-50cm, strap width 1.5cm

XS leash: length 93cm-150cm, width 1cm 
S leash: length 93cm-150cm, width 1.5cm 

Note: XS harness accessories are more compact due to the thinner width, thus the clasp is tighter than S harness clasp. It will loosen with some use. 

All measurements are subjected to 1.5cm allowance

High density webbing 

Yona Colours:

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