SIN to Swiss Trip Planning Timeline

Hi everyone! We will be sharing (below) what we did for our recent trip to Switzerland. This is our first trip with our pup Soya; our planning may not be the best or info may not be 100% accurate. Kindly take it as a rough reference, and still do your own research on the updated information with the relevant authorities.


// Before the trip //

09 Aug 2022: Rabies vaccine jab - $91
14 Sep 2022: Rabies Serology test - $556
17 Oct 2022: Receive Serology test result
01 Nov 2022: Canine distemper, hepatitis, parvoviral vaccine - $59

21 Nov 2022 (1 week before departure):

- Visit Soya’s vet for a health cert for export - $70

- Make an online application via the GoBusiness Portal for:
(1) Veterinary health certificate - $23
(2) Export license - $50

Put the completed documents together in an envelope >> Indicate the online application number on the envelope >> Make a trip to Npark office (located at JEM) to drop off the documents. Take note of their operating hours.

We did the vet check + online application + document drop off within the same day. Approval takes about 2 working days.

You may refer to the detailed info and guide on Npark website.

28 Nov 2022 - SIN to ZRH flight departure

- Print out all the approvals and bring hard copy of all the documentations for the flight.


// Before or During the trip (depending on how long you're away) //

-Make an 
online application via the GoBusiness Portal for:
Import license - $87 (valid for 30 days)


// During the trip //

7 days before return flight, get documentations endorsed by these 2 parties:
(1) Swiss vet - $95
(2) Canton vet - $95

Do note that the local Swiss vet and Canton vet should belong to the same Canton.

The Swiss vet we visited:
Address: Hauptstrasse 37, 3800 Matten bei Interlaken, Switzerland

The Canto vet we visited:
Service vétérinaire de l'administration cantonale (Biel Kanton Bern Verwaltung Veterinärdient Abteilung)
Address: Herrengasse 1, 3011 Bern, Switzerland

Tip: Double check their operating hours and lunch break hours before going down.

5 days before return flight
, book your inspection appt with Changi Animal & Plant Quarantine Station (CAPQ) via Intelligent Food Approval & Safety Tracking System (iFAST).

Do refer to detailed info on Npark website.


If the country you are visiting only requires 1 rabies jab (Switzerland for us in this case), we would say it is safe to start your first vet visit 3 to 4 months before your departure date. This gives you some buffer in the event the rabies serology test result gets delayed.

Soya flew in and out and Switzerland. No quarantine is required.

Pets coming back from Cat A and B countries do not require quarantine into Singapore. Do take note to read up on the import regulations of the country you are visiting. 

For complete and accurate info, you may refer to:


*Price currency quoted above are in Singapore dollars

-Blog information updated as of 18 Dec 2022-

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